No internet

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I have no internet!!!! I called and apparently the times to speak to someone is 8am-8pm. I went online to chat live and still no help because no one is available as the times for someone to help is 8am-8pm. Sorry but this is not acceptable. It is a saturday night and i have kids. I've been with optus and Vodafone in the past and there is someone always to help. Not only is this my issue but everyday my internet stops working

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Gulsum,


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your internet, and getting immediate support. Hopefully this is sorted now.

It's correct that we don't have live support outside of the nominated support hours - the best approach at these times would be to send a message, either via the AGL app or by logging into your My Account page.

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Seriously? If you call "leave a message" the best approach after 8PM, you should shut your business down!


At 8PM today, my internet was down! After a failed attempt to contact you guys and saw this post, I'm so glad I submitted a service cancellation notice today, to disconnect on 16th of June!