NBN Technician cancelled appointment without notice, unable to reschedule new appointment

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I know I contacted AGL few times already but are you able to schedule a technician appointment asap. I have been waiting for a month for the installation and it was finally scheduled yesterday. I received few confirmation sms that the technician will be coming, I took half day off from work, and no one came on the day. I rang AGL and the agent said the technician cancelled due to capacity. But there is no any rescheduling or any notice until I called?! I am disappointed and frustrated. And there is no any available appointment in my area? my area is only 15 minutes away from the CBD. I have told AGL earlier, my front yard's plants were stolen and I am keen to have security camera installed and I cannot do it without internet. I also need to work from home few days per week and the solar panel installation is also pending on the internet installation. This has caused lots of inconveniences to me 😞 Please have a look at my case and reschedule the appointment. Thank you. Alison