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could someone explain why a controlled load 1 reading would vary for different quarters? We have a 300L tank and the number of billing days are the same for the past two quarters but the readings on the bill are 1328.325kWh and 1102.098kWh respectively. Given the tank capacity and the number of days are the same and the controlled load heating window is the same overnight, why would the figures be different? (NB: the tariff is also the same for both quarters at 13.97c/kw/h? If there is an irregularity, who do I talk to the retailer or the distributor (which sets the nett meter for controlled load)?

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Hi paulf,


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Winter in particular can see variances in the amount of energy used by storage hot water systems. This is because the starting temperature of the water as well as ambient air temperature is generally lower, meaning more electricity is required by your system to heat the water to its goal temperature.


It may be worth keeping an eye on your consumption as we move into the warmer months to see if this tapers off. 


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