Renewables - Why not wait until the infrastructure is ready?

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If AGL believes that renewables is the answer…. Why not wait until the infrastructure is ready? We have plenty of coal & gas to keep up our requirements…BUT WE Do not have 10000 kms of transmission towers or energy from wind & solar- wake up to the facts, we cannot build this amount of towers in 6 yrs …I for one am disgusted in AGL and other supposed providers charging us more & dumping what we had!!

You want the globe greener?
Talk to China.
I'm disgusted my costs are going up by over $370? My pension has not...and why -because we want to go green, at the human cost of people ...seems a roundabout way of doing things.

ALSO try communicating with AGL other tan by "chat" !!!

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @JohnK1 ,

Coal plants are reaching the end of their technical life and extensive planning and consultation is underway for new developments at our sites that utilise existing land, water, transport and energy infrastructure, including transmission lines.


Potential projects under consideration for what will be known as Energy Hubs include grid-scale batteries, hydrogen production, waste to energy, solar thermal and other emerging technologies associated with electricity generation and other aligned commercial or industrial developments.


We hear you regarding the price changes and want to give you the right support. Following a decision by energy regulators, prices have increased. This is based on factors including wholesale prices, network changes and market conditions. For more information, check out our Help page:  What's Happening with Energy Prices?

If you're experiencing financial hardship, please take a look at our Financial Support and Customer Assistance options, and give us a call
 so we can look at your plan to ensure it is best suited to your circumstances.

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AGL likes rent-seeker projects which raise energy prices and profit.

We cannot reach net-zero using renewables but mad rush continues.

UK is cancelling net-zero projects.

China is building more coal power, net-zero is dead and buried.

Russia needs to sell gas for war.
Germany going back to coal power.
Sea wind mills kill whales and eagles.
Farmers in Sweden lose food land same as us.
Renewables damage environment more than it helps.

Our 1% of net-zero increases energy prices.