Nonsense bills

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I’d like to question the accuracy of this.
I live alone. Hot water cannot possibly be the highest usage. I do not use hot water in the washing machine. The hot water tank is 2 years old.
I use the stove about twice a week. To boil up some veggies. I use the oven about once a month.
You charge an inordinate amount for electricity, increasing regularly. I pay more now that I live alone than when my children were at home two years ago.
You won’t even assist when I ask for cheaper options.
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Power has gone crazy Lisa, and some of the battery people I've been talking to recently advised that it will be going up further in the near future !

Ours went up between last bills, and was a rise of 45% on our old analogue meter single rate with controlled load !

We decide to get solar at long last, it's been a big investment, but seems to be the answer to at least surging power costs.


If only we could do something about cost of ALL the other things increasing in cost in most households.

Grocery, fuel, other utilities / mobile phone costs, council rates, rents for those who are tenants, mortgage rates, etc. 


I shopped power during my research for solar, every option here in SA was pretty much the same or close, or had slightly lower rate but higher supply charge (or vice versa).

Not sure where you are, but try the Energy Made Easy site to see if you can get a better deal from AGL or another provider. 


Good luck.