Extremely high power bill

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In January we had a 10kw solar replacement system installed.  Our first quarterly bill after that was $282.  Have just received our second bill and its jumped to nearly $700!  Yes we expected more being winter but we are rural, use a wood fire for heating, have solar hot water and are careful about power usage especially at night.  I cannot fathom how our bill can be more than winter time last year with a new solar system which is far larger than the old 15 year system we had previously.  The new bill only takes a few days of the new price increases.  Our controlled load has jumped from 211kw to 687kw. Feed in dropped by more than half while General usage has exactly doubled.  Something isnt right at all!! 

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Hi, I live in SA, if you are anything like us, we have had OVERCAST DAYS, with little rain.

Your solar hot water and solar output will be affected.

If your solar Hot-water is boosted at night then being colder it will use more power.


I would also suggest that you check your plan, AGL don't seem to offer you the BEST rate and you can normally get a better rate unless you have already set up your new rate.


I still get 15c a kWh for the first 14 kWh and then 5c for the remainder of the day.


Prices will increase but your usage should generally remain the same.


This time last year I used 404 kWh and exported 1192 kWh for the bill ending 25th July 2022


Bill ending 6th July 2023  I used 398 and exported 1043 roughly the same, but last year for us was the same overcast days and no rain.


Now without seeing your usage data I cannot make any other assumptions.


I also understand that you have had a new Solar system installed which is an upgrade on your old one.


If you PM (Private Message) me, I can supply you with an E-mail address so that you can forward me the AGL usage file that is available from them.


I can analyse that and compare the data for up to the last two years for you.


Private Messages by the way are a way that Members of this Neighbourhood can communicate using an in house e-mail type arrangement.


To send a message simply click on the users name.

Cheers Neil

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