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Hi, I was a loyal AGL customer for many years while living on the Sunshine Coast. I have since moved to Regional Queensland and I am very disturbed by the complete lack of competition in the energy retail market. I now live in the Toowoomba region and as far as Energy providers go I have on choice, ERGON. They have a complete monopoly on the Market as as such can basically charge what they want and they do! What I am suggesting is that AGL starts servicing regional areas to create some competition. I would guarantee, if you entered the Market with reasonable policies, that you would take a substantial share of the Market away from ERGON. I have talked to a lot of people up here and they all say the same thing, ERGON is ripping us off!! We need competition!

Thank you.

Rod Forbes

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @rforbes61 . Thanks for your comments! I've lived in regional Queensland myself and definitely understand your frustration. Competition is good for consumers.