Controlled load 2 timeslot

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Hi,  Could someone explain to me how Controlled Load 2 works.  I have stumbled onto my controlled load 2 figures and was surprised.  It appears that only two time slots are consistent, one in the early morning and very late at night, otherwise is it is all over the place.  For example in Oct, the Controlled Load 2 kicked between 10.00am to 17.30 for a duration of 0.5h to 1.5h and in Nov. so far it kicks in between 07.30am to 15.00 for a duration ranging from 0.5 to 1.5h in small bursts.

I thought the C. L. 2 was set in fix time slots.


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Hi Alain! 

Welcome to the AGL Community! 

The Control Load time frames are generally set by your network, you can check out our website for more tariff type information. 


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