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HELP. I've tried now to contact AGL on SIX different occasions. NO I don't want to wait 40 minutes on the phone. Why can't I change my Energy Plan (Electricity) by Internet. AGL offer the service, then at the last step say "Sorry please ring us." I don't want to ring. If this doesn't work I'm sorry but I'm going to Origin. I have my gas with them and they are BRILLIANT communicators. Anyone got an email address for AGL Electric. I've sent 6 emails to the last address I had--but no reply over 3 weeks

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Portsea0429 . You don't need to contact us by phone if you don't want to. Just log into your My Account page and click Message Us.

We don't actually have an email address for customer service contact, so that would be why you haven't received a reply there.

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Hi there,

So I’ve been with AGL for the past two years. I moved house 3 months ago and made a request to change address with AGL.

I got a bill from them in the mail that was addressed to energy consumer or something but I threw it in the bin because I normally pay my bills through my AGL account. Then I went to log on to my account but it doesn’t let me. I have contacted AGL 5 times to try and solve this, every time they say try to log in again in 24 hours or they say I don’t have an active account, there is no energy or electricity to that address, contact your building manager. I don’t know what to do.