AGL Customer Disregard

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Is anyone else sick and tired of receiving emails from AGL telling us, their customers, how they understand how difficult it is to pay bills and how they are here to help? This after they have just put my prices up by 30% and my feed in credits down. They are so empathetic and keen to help that they send all such guff out in no-reply emails.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @JA2


Thank you for reaching out.


It's understandable to be frustrated to receive an email offering support without a return address, but the intention of those communications is to let customers know what support and payment options are available, and to direct them to the contact methods we can use to set them up.

Unfortunately, in the case of financial hardship, we have legal requirements to advise customers of to which we need verbal or written consent, and so we can't manage these kinds of enquiries via correspondence that isn't live.


If you do need to speak to us about these issues please contact us online or over the phone using the methods found at

Kind regards,

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Fatuous nonsense – I expected nothing more; actually, I would have preferred you not reply at all; my message was aimed at similarly abused customers of AGL not waffle-merchants...and why do you use the meaningless expression, “reaching out”? Shows a lack of intellect?
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How else are they going to achieve a 25% increase in nett profit ($281m)? We’ve been spun lies from the government & corporations. The current inflation has nothing to do with demand which is why raising interest rates is barely having any effect. The inflation has everything to do with corporations that happily took taxpayer’s money in the form of jobkeepers then price gouged on the back of Covid & Ukraine claiming supply shortages. There were/are no shortages. This is greed pure and simple and the proof is in the profit notices.