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Help with your AGL Energy account or AGL online tools.



My AGL electricity account is waaaaaaaay high in credit and I have no idea why? I spoke to someone via chat about why it's so high in credit and they told me it was adjusted because I was being charged the wrong amount. But I really think it has been credited to an extreme amount, I would love a detailed breakdown as to why I've been credited so much. Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks.

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AGL Community Manager

Hi @Siu-Moala , 


If you contact support, they should be able to provide you with details on where the overcharges were made - but it sounds like you've already tried this.

You can request a credit refund to be paid the amount your account is in credit.

If you want to clarify the details of the credit before you do this, I recommend you log in to your My Account page and click the Message 💬 button in the bottom right (or top right on the AGL app). An agent should be able to provide details of the discrepancy there.

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