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Credit Report


Hi there


Does anyone know whether I am able to ask AGL to advise credit reporting agencies (such as equifax) of my account payments? I am trying to improve my score and they suggested that this may help however when I asked AGL on the chat they did not seem to know what I was talking about.







I would also like an answer for this question. AGL can you please provide an answer. 

AGL Community Manager

Hi @Kbomb ,


Regular on-time payments to your account will indeed improve your credit score over time, but we can't manually send through an update on request.

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Hi David, 

so does AGL actively participate in comprehensive credit reporting? I have been a customer of AGL for a few years now and I have yet to see a payment history reported. 

Thank you. 


I'm also interested in this.   I have been an AGL customer since 2012 and apparently I still have no credit rating.   I have also contacted complaints department because I was hoping that was based at head office and that they might be able to follow this up for me.  How long should it take?  Because eight years is a decent amount of time.   Thank you. 

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