why is my energy an estimate when i have a smart meter

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i have installed a smart meter in July.


Why does my usage data from 13 aug to 25 aug indicate "estimated".


I thought smart meters would indicate my daily usage as it occurred or am i mistaken??


Isn't that why it is hooked ups to wifi??


feedback would be appreciated..





AGL Community Manager
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Hi @glendandavid, if any period of time (even just one hour) is not reported directly by your smart meter, your bill will show as "estimated" (even though the estimate would be very close to your actual read in that case) . This can happen due to minor issues with the meter setup, especially if it's just been  installed. I'd suggest checking your next few bills. If you no longer see estimates, great. If you're consistently getting estimates, it's time to investigate whether there's an ongoing issue.