under paid while I have a direct debit payment

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I have a direct debit payment for my gas and electricity today I have been told I am underpaid ..How does this

happen ? I chose direct debit because I was offered a discount for direct debit. Since AGL is taking the money from me.How can there be an under payment.I spoke to someone  online who said her name was Shale  and she confirmed I was underpaid. I don't know if this is a scam targeting the elderly.I am 86..I wonder how many other seniors have been scammed and paid up without a protest.

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Hi jeevac,


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This definitely sounds like a convoluted situation you've been put in, however I can assure you in confidence that this is not a scam as all changes made to any of our customers accounts are well documented!


It sounds like the consultant who you spoke with wasn't able to provide you with much clarity around what has happened to your account, so please send me a private message with your account number if you'd like me to take a second look.


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