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Please immediately notify the customer by email when an estimation has been made instead of an actual read so a self read can be taken on the same day and forwarded to AGL.  It is unsatisfactory to find out after the bill arrives that it is based on an estimation.  This is currently the situation as the gas readers no longer leave a card advising of their inability to access the meter.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Gasbag , the "estimation" is made when the bill is issued, so you receive a notification via email of your bill, and you'll be able to see on the bill whether it is estimated or actual. You can then enter a self-service read if you want the bill to be amended. In any case, it will be automatically amended the next time your local distributor provides a read.


Alternately, through your My Account or the AGL app, you can see when the next bill will be issued, so you can provide a read shortly before that date to ensure that it is accurate to your actual usage. 

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Thank you David.

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Hi GasBag,

This is a good idea. Hopefully someone in power can tell you whether it is possible or not.