have you ever had a gas bill higher than your electricity?

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I have, this last quarter. funny thing is our gas bill has never been more than $90, now it has jumped to $454.43. I asked, how? reply was its an actual meter read, so it must be right.  I don't think so. I have checked back and till October 2020 we never passed $90.  I was asked if we had more people in the house. During Lockdown? I think not?  We only have our kitchen stove and back fireplace connected to the gas. We only use the gas fire on really cold nights but because it is our back area and our tv is in the main lounge we would only really use the air conditioner (electricity)

no explanation. please someone help. I have to wait to hear back but really, can a gas bill jump from $86.83 last quarter to $454.43 this quarter? 

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You need to do two things:

  1. Look at your previous bills
  2. Read your own meter.

Your previous bills should indicate if it was an Actual Read or an Estimated Read.

Go out and read your Gas Meter and compare it to the bill that stated Actual read.


You then need to calculate your gas usage since your last read, divide that by the number of days since your last read.


This will give you your daily usage.


Multiply that by 90 to give your approximate gas usage for this billing cycle.


Compare that to your previous bill, (note if your last bill was for say 93 days then use 93 rather than 90 for the above calculation).


See how you go, don't forget that your bill will give you an approximate next read date, read the meter on that date and see if that compares with your reading.




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