getting it right with meter reading and change to digital

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Thankyou to all who have answered my last posts.  Has Helped thanks. I dodnt know if actuall agl reads these and takes note but would hope so. Do hope they get it right this up coming time ( ill try my best to be about to get a photo just before they change meters over to a digital as once they have gone thats it) . However i hope i never have to use the photos to send them , as im fairly sure agl has or had a problem in what ever reads from photos. And i relise that app on mobile phone  gives a "Cost so far" and" Bill projection" this can only be indication, not a what it actually will be in otherwords it could be somewhat lower due to use as it cant actually give what actually to date has definitly been used.  am i right? in otherwords again the meter man that comes round , read the meter and it could calculate to quite a lot or somewhat lowerm than what is on this app. in the past eventually ( and i dont want to go down the road of "Eventually" again some 150 -200 lower than the app. the app i say again is only a indication, . So yes still a little nervouse of this change over to digital meter so do hope they get it correct . 1 person in a small unit and twice they got it wrong 6-7 hundred redicouse ending up after so much to do 3.50 to 400 mark

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Thankyou. yes i understand the installer will actually take the reading at the exact time of he/she installes the digital meter , I hope to be home when they do it sep 11. yes ill endevor to take a photo that morning.I dont know what they do with the old meters after they have taken them out. But perhaps i can keep them as further evidence if needed.  But where i see the problem has in the past , its not faulty meter or proberly not faultymeter reading but in the electicity company system that calculates / does the maths acoording to what the meterread.
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I see your post and I have a suggestion: If there were past discrepancies, it's essential to communicate with AGL about any concerns and ensure they have the correct readings during the transition. Taking photos of the meter before the changeover is a good precautionary step. Clear communication and accurate readings should help avoid any unnecessary billing discrepancies in the future.

I hope this may be help you.

Best regard,
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good responce thankyou. still agl is a heck of a place to communicate with and they seem toalways make out they understand when its a clear as can be. on chat is terrible and phone is not much better.why dont they have a email
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Hi @jimmey, thank you for reaching out. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

When a meter exchange request is being completed the technicians are required to take photos of the meter, to ensure we are billing you correctly, however, if possible, we would recommend taking a photo as well. 

Once the digital meter has been installed you will no longer need to provide meter reads or photos for any billing adjustments as the meter will record the data and be read remotely. We appreciate your concern with the accuracy of your usage moving forward, if you come across any discrepancies, please feel free to contact as us as we can check and investigate your account accordingly. 

Kind Regards, 


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Thankyou , i hope it helps. i do hope what ever, where ever , what coased the past 2-3 bills on my electricityis sorted (or fixed) as so it dosnt happen again.  At the times i was not told how or where  the mistake was there.Hoping it dosnt happen again. Sorting things out on that chat mesage line thing is real hard and drawn out.
As i mentioned i think it was proberly agl end with whatever does the maths of the readings sent to you.I hope agl will take more care in the future. I do not expect a wrong bill being up in the late 500 to late 600 again maybe more like the early to mid 300 as i have definitly cut down on usage.