alleged “Overdue” bill

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Very confused currently, received notice this morning that my bill was overdue (which seemed unlikely), and upon checking my account was met with this (amount removed for privacy):


How a billing period that ended 6 days ago and is not due for another 18 days can possibly be 76 days overdue is entirely unknown to me, and I’d hope that whatever fault in the system has thrown this out at me be fixed and promptly. If anyone else has had this issue arise, can you tell me how it was handled/managed/responded to? I know that my payment is already pending, but for a moment before it occurred to me I was more than a little alarmed, and would hate for something like this to happen to someone already in a vulnerable or emotionally heightened statez

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Hi @aad2,


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I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you so I can help with this.


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