Why i should move away from AGL

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AGL recently emailed me to tell me they're changing my plan and I get to pay $1822 a year. Currently I pay about $300 a year as we have the Qld Govt solar rebate. I rang them to ask why the change. The rep informed me that they were putting on their basic plan which was the most competitive. I also asked why AGL don't pay me for my Solar feed in, they claim its because I get the government rebate, so they feel they should get my electricity for free. 

Interestingly they lied. They are not the cheapest, and their competitors don't take the solar feed in for free.


Bye AGL. Good luck with that coal loving attitude.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Robtee, welcome to the neighbourhood. While I can absolutely get why you'd be upset with us for losing the 5c/kwh Retailer feed-in tariff, I just want to clarify that we will still pay you your 44c/kwh government feed in tariff. AGL is the one that credits that to your account and pays that, so the only part you will not be paid is the 5c/kwh. You can find our current solar feed in terms and conditions all here in case you want to take a look.