Where is the Solar Feed in Tarrif Increase?

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Well we now all have revised electricity costs - market forces due to many reasons.  It's really just the old expression you can't have you're cake and eat it.  With the wider Australian community quite reasonably interested in reducing carbon foot print we seem to also want to not pay for it.   I would point to all that out the most significant way everyone can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint is to use less energy in both power consumed, fossil fuels used and unnecessary purchases of products (that all require energy to produce and dispose of).  Regarding energy costs it seem user pays is a pretty fair basis for such a essential and totally wide based cost


Having invested significantly in a solar array and modifying our power usage habits we have achieved a great outcome of living in a large house with a average power usage well less than a single dwelling home in our area.  We feed in more than 4 times the power we use (but have the usual import usage overnight and in overcast days) .  Now with necessarily increased generation costs we will pay our share based on usage but where is the commensurate increased reward for our contribution back to the grid in our considerable solar feed in.  This appears incredible inequitable.  The gradually  increasing solar feed in gives the energy market flexibility to reduce fossil fuel energy generation but those who have contributed are getting an reducing relative benefit.  A cynic could conclude there is a emerging and progressively developing exploitation of those trying to reduce their energy usage

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Like the previous post we provide more power to the grid than our house consumes, however, we accept the Grid power when sunlight is low and at night.  As well as the inequitable tariff rates AGL has been uploading power to our battery when it is well charged, as well as charigng from the grid when the sun is bright.  I don't know how AGL can do this as we are not part of their power plant scheme and have uploading from the grid turned off in our battery settings.  So much for investing thousands in renewable energy as the main beneficiary is the power companies.  This is not only inequitqble but disgraceful corporate behaviour.