Website and App bugs and no support

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Not only is the AGL app dodgy and has that many buggers with it, nearly unuseable, the website is no better. I download my so called latest bill only to find it is the last bill not the one I need to pay. But the best bit is when you call you are left on hold for 4 hours til I hung up. Ring again on the next day and the same!!!! A 3 hour wait without an anwser, so hung up. This goes on and has been for 12 months now!!! Trying to cancel my service is impossible!!! No customer service at all. I'm now contacting the ombudsman over this pathic company. Very anger and frustrated!!! 

AGL Moderator
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Hi Kazz, 


Thank you for reaching out. We're sorry to hear that you have had a poor experience. 


To assist you with cancelling your service we would recommend contacting us, we do apologise for the longer than expected wait times. 


Our contact centre is available 24/7. You can find how to contact us via 


Kind Regards, 


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Thank you. I’m not that…..what would you say…tech savvy and social media knowledgeable, sorry. I wouldn’t know where to start🤷‍♀️. I have anxiety at the thought of trying to contact them about the internet.