Unusually high electricity bill compared to the last few months

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Hi Team,


I called earlier as I got a shock with my electricity bill.  They said meter is fine, so I have no answers as to why the jump.  I've been working from home similar to the prior months.  Heaters have been on for the same amount of time.  Why has my bill jumped from $280 per month to $420 per month.  Even compared to last winter its never been this high and we have not changed our habits in heating and having the number of lights, heating, computer and tv on.  My fault for not taking a reading each month.  I've only just started.  There is definitely something not right for the massive spike in Jun, Jul vs May (winter months).  Thanks

AGL Moderator
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Hi Javi, it sounds like you have been issued with a catch up bill for usage that has been under billed due to monthly billing, you can find information on how we calculate monthly billing here, if you require any further assistance or wish to discuss further please get in touch via messenger through the AGL App (under the help tab) or via My Account.