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Hi there,

So I’ve been with AGL for the past two years. I moved house 3 months ago and made a request to change address with AGL.

I got a bill from them in the mail that was addressed to energy consumer or something but I threw it in the bin because I normally pay my bills through my AGL account. Then I went to log on to my account but it doesn’t let me. I have contacted AGL 5 times to try and solve this, every time they say try to log in again in 24 hours or they say I don’t have an active account, there is no energy or electricity to that address, contact your building manager. I don’t know what to do.

This seems so confusing, I also sent them the email from agl that had the date they received my moving request and they said it never went through.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Gislason ,


It does sound like your move request wasn't received or processed. Shoot me a private message (click my name) with your account number, and I'll have someone look into this for you.