Spamming Phone Calls

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I have been getting spamming phone calls for weeks that my phone has thankfully been classing as Fraud, and blocking. Yet, now I see it is apparently actually AGL that has been doing this to me ... seriously?


So I answer 1 of them, only for the guy to demand my details before he will talk to me, yet he rang me. So I tell him to F Off and hang up.


I log into my AGL account, and see no problems. 


Ring the AGL contact anyway, just to make sure and get put through to resolutions who claim that I have an amount withstanding from our old account before moved home.


What? How ... I don't see that on the My Account dashboard. And I have Direct Debit payments setup, so why wouldn't you have debited the correct amount?


So now I am accused of not paying my bills (that I have never actually seen) and I guess I lost the pay on time discount.


Not happy! No resolution provided.


-- Additional


I just got emailed an account statement that shows you transferred a debt of $140.48 on 14 May from old account to new. Yet payments totalling more than that were made on 16 May. Why was a debt transferred then?


Apparently this outstanding amount was from a gas read. But I was told there was an Actual read of late March and then this final read when we moved out on 26 April. Yet I was told that the final bill was $180+ .... how does that happen? I don't believe that is real. Something went wrong and now you are wasting my time and yours by hounding me for weeks.


I want a proper resolution, or will 100% be switching. You will lose a long term customer (if you care)

AGL Moderator
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Hi maccamlc,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention here.


This sound both frustrating and confusing. Could you please send me a quick private message with your AGL account number and address so that I can take a look at this for you?


Kind regards,