Solar installed but still pulling eneergy from grid

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Hi team, my husband and I recently had solar panels installed on our roof however when I look at the usage data through the MyAccount portal, I can see that most of the daylight hours when the panels are generating electricity, that electricity is being sold back to the grid at the saem time as we're drawing power from the grid.


Really unsure why this is the case, I would have exepcted a pitcure where the solar electricity generated would be used first by the house and excess sold back. It appears that this is not the case perhaps (see below for say the hours of 9, 10 and 11am?




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Hi CherieS, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood. 


When you generate solar, it needs to be used almost immediately within the home, otherwise it will be exported back to the grid. If you then happen to use any energy within the home after that, you will draw from the grid. Due to this, there may be many times within 1 hour that you will export back to the grid and draw from the grid. If you need further information about this, I would recommend getting in touch with your solar installer.