Solar Generation

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Why isn't our Solar Power generation and export to you shown in our Bills from you. I was led to believe that your installation of the Smart Meter would facillitate the production of our solar production record so that we can be aware of the difference between how much of our power  consumption is of what we generate and what we have to buy from you. The almost non existent variation in our bills does not reflect the amount of generated / exported power shown on our monitor or indeed the smart meter. Is the proper amount we produce and export to you actually noted by you and deducted from our Bill or are we just producing it to feel good?

AGL Moderator
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Hi MaxwellGordonWh,


After having your solar system installed, it's important that your meter is upgraded to accommodate for this. You won't see a solar rebate recorded on your bill until you've done this.


You can find more information here: How do I get started using my new solar system?


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