Skyhigh electricity bill

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we moved into our apartment around three months ago, our electricity bills in the past with other providers have normally been around $250 - $300 per quarter, we were shocked to receive our first bill from AGL at $1,296 saying we use more electricity then a house of 5 people at 32.64 kWh per day

small unit with two full time working adults and infant. 


there was a bill of $221 brought forward we never received this bill, but it was included into our latest bill ( told over the phone that it was delayed, but couldn’t give me an explanation on why) 


ive had an electrician view home/meter and come to the conclusion that it may of been misread on time of reading. This bill is definitely out of ordinary and very distressing. 


Please help 


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Hi Dasha! 

Welcome to AGL Community. 


If the meter has been misread then we can certainly get that fixed up for you. You can log into your My Account here and update your meter reading for us. 


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