Please justify FiT reduction

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Is it possible for AGL to justify what the feed in tariff in SA has been reduced by 2.1c?

This should only happen when the price for what is charged per kWh is also reduced. My plan rates went up on the 1st July by a negligible 0.002 c ( two tenths of a cent ) 

This means I will be worse off by $246 in the following year , that is a price rise in disguise


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I live in Victoria and have just noticed that AGL have reduced our fed in tariff as well and like you their charges and electricity rates have not gone done either.


To date I have not received a letter outlining the reason for the reduction in their feed in tariff rates.


Maybe they hoped it would go unnoticed. I as now looking for another supplier for both my gas and electricity, one I hope that treat their customers a little better. Im on a Seniors Plus Plan