Plan change without consultation

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Not so much an idea but a question !!

Why is it we were taken off a solar saver account and put on to value saver, with as much as a consultation. And then agl have the **bleep** to say we spent twice as much on electricity this bill period compared to last bill period yet used the same energy !!!

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It is because AGL like most large Australian businesses are government sanctioned criminals.


The government is so upset about kids throwing rocks through windows in Alice Springs ...yet that sit in the board meeting where the plans are made to allow our large energy companies to throw bricks through the front doors of every Australian.


The sell a product before they have the infrastructure to provide the product, they offer reduced rates for those that complain, lose a few customers of those that realise they are incompetent by design.


It is not by accident that AGL spends majority of its money on signing up now customers rather than resourcing a technical support team, with the skills to provide technical support.


You don't have to disappointed people AGL, you have the market share to do and be better...but you are not encouraged to.


I expect higher prices for less services, all with large government ticks,so we can pretend they competent.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Kentu, welcome to Neighbourhood. It sounds like your solar savers plan reached the end of its benefit period. If we don't offer the same terms, then we will put you onto something else to avoid you defaulting onto the Standard Retail Contract. Value Saver is currently one of our best products in terms of rates, but you can take a look at the products we offer here. 

We always do notify customers prior to their plan ending in order to get them to contact us if they don't like the new rates, so i'm not sure what happened there if you didn't receive anything. You can always reach out to us here so we can take a look for you.