Outrageous electricity bill

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My bill does not make any sense. The house a have recently moved out of was a 3 bedroom house of relatively small size, myself and expartner lived there from april 2018 through to march 29 2020. Throughout the 2019 period between march and september i have apparently used some $4000 of electricity?? I dont think so, not when considered 2 of those months in 2019 neither of us were living there due to work commitments. And then i see there is over 1100 for jan through 29 march this year and no one has been living there since 7 feb???? I left on 7th jan and ex stayed til 7 feb 2020!!??? THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSES AND WORKSHOPS DO NOT USE THIS MUCH!!!!

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This is a Forum where AGL users can give and gain knowledge.


Yours is a billing issue that can only be rectified by direct discussion with AGL.


Contact them using https://www.agl.com.au/contact-us for assistance.



Cheers Neil

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