No electricity bill since April

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I have not received an electricity bill since the 7th of April. Your website lists the last reading as Monday 13 July 2020, but I have not received a bill for that reading. I actually need that bill to confirm my residential address.

Please do NOT refer me to your phone service as there is no way to talk to a real person and none of the options are suitable.

A personal note... I find the lack of ability to actually talk to a person and not some endless series of automated recorded responses annoying as hell, and in this case completely useless.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Temujin , you can download any past bill by logging into your My Account online. Is there a more recent bill available there or not?


By the way, you certainly can speak to a real person by getting in touch over the phone. There are automated prompts, but you always have the option to be put through to a customer service agent.


If you'd rather not use the phone at all, log into My Account and click the Message Us button. Similarly, there are some automated responses that can help to resolve common problems, but you are always able to send a message through to a real person.