New Plans & Rates - are these for real?

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to see if everyone else out there has received their new plans and rates?! When I received my new plan & rates letter today, I must say I was a bit shocked! My daily metering charge has gone up 31%, General usage rate tarriff (T11) has increased 24.6% and they have reduced my solar feed-in tariff by 100%. And this pricing was still after them giving me an apparent discount on the general tariffs.  I thought they had made a mistake! But apparently not!

I jumped on to the website, filled in my details and waited for the results. WOW!, not one but 6 different companies offering way better rates!! People do your homework and compare the plans & rates!

It appears being a loyal customer for many years means nothing!

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Hi @Grasstree, welcome to Neighbourhood!

Sorry to hear that you got such a shock. We can take a look at your plan and see if we can get you something better. I'll send you a private message so we can take a look!