My gas bill comes too high

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I just got bill this morning and cannot understand what was wrong.
Usually our bill comes out about $100 (with discount), but this time comes out with $288.26 (after discount).
Our plumber(whose calling from our real estate agency) came to our home for checking before few hrs ago and he told us nothing problem.
So if you could provide any evidence(kind of like meter reader infos) how it works. It would be helpful for my understanding why this amount is required.
Also want to investigate for checking what's wrong with our home.
I attached my bill about 9 months, you can see why I feel wierd this time.



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Hi anyeongsun, 


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There can be a few variables which can effect the cost of your bill. I would recommend to check out some information about this on our website here. If you still require further assistance, please feel free to contact us here or by using AGL Messenger through the APP or your online account.


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