Loyalty vs a New Customer

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I had a person from Red Energy at my front door today. Her rates and offers looked attractive. We often get lured to choosing a different power company, and those who do chop and change can get the benefit. 

Am I getting the best offer at AGL through loyalty? Not sure. The maths of connection rates v supply charges v pay on time discounts is tricky to calculate and compare.

My question - What is the best offer AGL is offering to new customers and is it the same as a loyal customer?

AGL Moderator
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Hi Rahji! 


Welcome to AGL Community. 


I can understand it can be quite confusing! You can certainly check what we are currently offering and what you're on, on your My Account. Our current offers are available to new and existing customers and you can also upgrade your energy plan yourself on your My Account here


Feel free to message us on your My Account and we can also check that for you. 


Kind regards, 



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I’m a loyal customer (so far)

how do I get the new customer discounted price? 
It’s cheaper to keep a current customer than to get a new customer so , come on AGL , give ME the discount. 
Alternatively you can give the discount to whoever takes my place - now you’ll really be winning🤣

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Bill Hero is telling me to change but the new customer rate would convince me to stay .