Huge gas bill

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Hi there

I was living in a small apartment in Sydney Olympic park with one room and living room. The usage of gas was not to much and the first bill was $61.84 (from 10Aug 2018 to 10Sep 2018). Then the second bill $101.97 (from 10Sep 2018 to 10Dec 2018). I paid all that bills without late.

Next I ordered to disconnect gas and electricity on 7th Jan 2019 because I moved out and finished the contract of the rent of apartment... after all that I received an email for latest gas bill and was really unexpected amount  $2070.89 (from 6Dec 2018 to 7Jan 2019) ... I think there is something wrong in reading usage and especially during the last period the usage of gas was really lower than before.

How it's that happened and how can I pay this much of money? ??





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Hi Saleh,


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An increase of this degree is likely caused by either an incorrect meter reading or a leak at your meter. To confirm the accuracy of your meter reading, I encourage you to check the readings listed on your bill against the current readings on the meters at this property if you still have access to them.


Alternatively, you'll need to get in touch with our web chat team here to discuss this further.


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