High Electricity Bill - I think I am the winner!

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I read 6-7 pages of the community post about high bills, no one has a bill as high as us. I guess we are the lucky winner. We received an electricity bill of $3500 for three months in the previous period.


 A bit of us – 


We are a family of 3, moved to a three-bedroom Sydney apartment in early Feb 2019, 2 adults and my bub (9 months old now).


Just the usual suspect, we use heater/air con, washing machines and other electrical appliances. We have gas cooking. 


The electricity bills - 


  1.  Feb-May $128.26 (Actual reading), average daily use 1.88kWh
  2.  May-Aug $288.90 (Estimate), average daily use 9.27kWh

….. it gets better…


3.  Aug-Nov $3488.55 (2 actual readings), average daily use 155.96 kWh  😥

…..the above is not a typo…..


4. Nov-Feb 2020 $380.84 (1 customer read (Me) + actual reading), average daily use 13.96 kWh



I am trying to get my head around this. How is it possible to have a three months bill of $3488.55 for a family of 3. I called AGL and the person on the phone says it’s actual readings, it is what it is. We asked could it possibly be something wrong with the metre and he said to us, we’ll have to pay $700 upfront. If the metre is wrong, we will get a refund; if it’s not, we’ll have to top this up with our $3.5k bill.


We called AGL twice on the phone… with a bub of 9 months. I took a half-day this morning to analyse the bill and try to get to the bottom of this.


Please help! 


AGL Moderator
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Hi CarmenL,


I appreciate your concern regarding the cost of the bill. Based on the information in your post it doesn’t indicate a fault with the meter as the current usage has fallen quite dramatically compared to the previous period.


Depending on when the first read occurred on the Aug - Nov bill this can help determine what was underbilled during the May - Aug period as it was estimated.


Given the time of year I would say the increase in consumption would be for heating, for tips and further information around appliance costs I would suggest visiting https://www.agl.com.au/tips.


If you would like to discuss the bill further please reach out either by calling or messenger.