Credit scores

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hoping someone in the know can shed some light on this one for me.

We moved house and in setting up the AGL account for the new house they completed a credit check,

The customer service person assured me this would have NO affect on my credit score.This was confirmed, no issues with my score and the account went ahead.

I just checked my credit score and it has gone down - I queried this with the credit company and they told me it’s due to an “enquiry”.

I found out it was all because AGL performed this credit check - even though it was approved it somehow affected my credit score negatively.

Has anyone experienced this or knows why??

it would be a massive help.




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I moved recently literally next door and with that moved both my electricity and gas account with AGL. My scored dropped more than 100 points so yeah, exactly the same. Equifax customer service are absolutely useless, nothing they can do about it. Absolutely ridiculous.