Cost of energy and solar power grid reimbursement

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I receive 4 calls a week from companies wanting to sell me cheaper power

i have 2 AGL accounts. 

One property has solar power 

How can I be sure I am on the best rates

What do I receive for returning power to the grid as I only live in that house for about 8 months in the year

Why can’t I get AGL in Port DOUGLAS Queensland 



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Hi Petermartens,


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To answer your questions:

  1. You can view all our available discounts here. If you feel any of these offers would work better for you, you can sign up online.
  2. The rebate you receive for any power that you export can vary depending on when your system was installed and what state you reside in. The easiest way to confirm this figure is by referring to your most recent bill.
  3. Port Douglas falls into the 'ERGON' region within Queensland, which means that your meter is not contestable and can only be billed by ERGON.

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