Account - real or spam?

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Hi, My dear loved one is well healed however, she has a few mental problems. She may own property that I'm not aware of.


In recent yearly quarters she has received accounts on her phone from agl. Trying to keep an eye on what she pays is difficult and I am unaware if the one I refer to has been paid or not. For all I know it may not be for real. If it's genuine then someone is paying it, obviously.


The reference No. is (redacted) and I would appreciate any information such as could it be a familiar sequence of numbers from agl and/or any other details you could pass on that would shed some information on my wife's involvement with this property or not.


Thanks for looking





AGL Moderator
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Hi Loopy,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


We can't go into a great deal of detail regarding accounts on a public forum, however I can confirm that the number you provided is a valid AGL reference number. To discuss the specifics of this account further, I encourage you to get in touch with our web chat team here.


Kind regards.



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Hi Jayden,


Thanks your reply and I fully understand the limit on the amount of information you are at liberty to supply. However, the knowledge that the  Ref. No. is valid is very useful. As suggested by your good self I will make contact with your chat team, thank you again.