AGl monthly gas bill higher than my previous bill for 3 months

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So, i lived in an apartment with 4 other people and all 5 person cooked and used gas but our 3 month gas bill under energy australia averaged AUD 130-140. Now, i moved to a new apartment with just one other person and we use gas for only breakfast and sometimes for dinner and boom my gas bill for one month is AUD 154. How is this even possible ? 


Turns out they might have calculated the conversion wrong or in accurately read the meter ? Well, i sent agl the details in an email but i got no change in my bill. 


So as shown in the picture, my gas meter measures in m3 and has 4 digits in white and 4 in red. The current reading is 05115487. The end read on this meter noted for the bill was 05097109. However, on the bill it is noted as 50971.09 and then it is multiplied by 10 and some conversion factor to convert it into mega joules. I believe this is completely wrong, I am an engineer and i would like to understand that firat of all why does the meter reading account for two digits from red and second i want to understand how it is converted to MJ. 

As there is no way a gas used by 2 people for a month can be higher than that used by 5 people in 3 months.