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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

Unfair Default



I called someone Monday and they actually helped me out a lot by smoothing out a bill for me. It was wrongly sent to an old address and they actually defaulted my account when it was not paid. When I spoke to the team member on Friday we went through absolutely everything and it was agreed that I was unfairly defaulted as I was unaware of the bill and my assistant was also unaware of the bill being that it wasn’t sent to the correct email or address even though I had updated all details weeks prior to moving.


After about 3 draining hours on the phone they cleared my default to $0 and said they will work on removing the default in the next 24 hours and to check on my credit file to make sure everything goes well. I can now see the amount is still not changed to $0 and the default is still on my credit file.

It’s becoming very stressful as I’ve been trying to fix this issue for weeks now, the only reason I even found this default was because I did a free credit check for my job, which now I’m at risk of losing because of it.  

I’d really like to get this sorted as soon as I can as the amount was $306 and it wasn’t my fault for the payment not being made. I have proof of calls in my call logs and the time I was on the phone for, everything worked out over the phone but I feel like they haven’t actually done anything about it as they had promised.

Please help 🙏🏼


AGL Moderator

Hi  Alycecyla,


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of AGL Community.


I do apologise for the experience you've had, it does sound very frustrating.


As this is a specific enquiry relating to your account, you will need to contact us directly here: 


You can also use AGL Messenger via the APP or My Account online.