signing up ppl at a rate they cannot facilitate

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AGL has and continues to take on too many customers for their internet infrastructure and their technical support teams to even be usable.


14 days in a row AGL HAS BEEN CALLED.


Do not fall for their offer of combining services, they are all different departments that do not communicate.


The internet and phone still don't work after 14 days of contact.


35 seconds to sign up, all day everyday.


1hr and 35minutes to get onto tech support, who will transfer you to another person 35mins each time.


14 days in a row I've logged my internet dropping out hourly, and being unusable.


They sent me a bill and have made no attempts to rectify the situation.


Their only attempt is to offer to cancel the service and I still pay for the mode. Which has never worked.


Agl, don't get greedy now.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @jimi, thankyou for providing us with your experience so far, it does sound frustrating. Since you've been talking to us already, what I might suggest if you haven't tried it yet, is to try our messaging agents which you can find here. Thanks for your feedback! -Mark