Billing Discrepancy and Meter Reading Issues

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Dear AGL Team,


Recently I got enormously huge bill (10 times bigger than usual).

It’s even impossible to use so much hot water and gas.


After your team refused to investigate the problem I did my own.


There are at least 3 issues that I can mention.

1. I was disconnected without a reason in the January 2024. AGL support said “it sometimes happens, someone disconnect you instead of another user”. I pretty sure it is a huge problem. 

2. After that I had to reconnect, but my first bill some how was with totally different meter reading values 

    1. When I was disconnected hot water was 21000L (type of reading - actual) after re-connection 11000L (type of reading - customer). I did not provide any data. Who provided it? Why it is much less than it was??? I read about the meter I have installed - it’s not supposed to go down. 

    2. The gas meter goes down as well as hot water meter at the same bill and the type of reading CUSTOMER. I DID NOT PROVIDE ANY DATA!!! Last actual reading was 168 and became 114. How so? It’s not how meters works!

3. Huge bill. The next bill I got 26000L (actual reading type) for hot water and 186 for gas. So now you issued the bill based on ACTUAL readings minus some CUSTOMER provided (which is not me). 26000-11000 = 14000L for 3 months. My daily usage increased 10 times which impossible. So just to summarise meter readings  21k - 11k - 26k??????


Don’t tell me that I used 10 times more it’s not true.

Re-calculate the bills starting from November!

I would understand if it was 21k and now 26k, but why it goes down and then got back to the almost same numbers