AGL Rewards is not working. It keeps redirecting back to My Accounts page all the time

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It is quite frustrating that AGL Rewards site is not working. It keeps sending me back to My Accounts page.

I am already logged in to My Accounts portal. From there, I try to navigate to AGL Rewards, it opens Rewards portal in the new tab/window and it reads that the page has moved and within few seconds, redirects me back to My Accounts login.

This has been happening since yesterday.

I have to make urgent purchases on account of Boxing Day deals but it seems it is screwed all around.


This has also happened in the past that I am not able to avail this service and in this instance too the same old story. What to say more on this. AGL has given its customers a tool which never works, it seems.

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Its happening to me too. . Ive complained before but nothing happens..