Trouble logging into my application my my mobile ( Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 3)

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I have just joined AGL on 7th June... at the time I have installed the application on my mobile and it was working just fine till exactly 2 days back.... Every time I try to start the app, and I enter my email address and password 100% correct, it says "we cannot verify you",


Then, I try using my registered mobile number instead, and I get a code and I do enter the code but still " cannot verify you"


Called AGL 3 times so far and every time I am directed to resolution team, who gets in touch with IT team to contact me and nothing is happening so far... ( 3 days now asking for help )


I have tried on my laptop, and after getting some help from resolution team, by deleting my whole data and restarting from scratch, it works now on my laptop, tried it now on my wife's Oneplus 8 pro and it works... but not on the z fold 3... it was working fine on the z fold 3 till 3 days back and not any more... don't know what to do!!!


Any help please?! 


Thank you so much



AGL Moderator
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Hi Sammouhali! 

That sounds really odd that it's only happening on the one phone, but if you're able to access both the app and myaccount, it doesn't seem to be an issue with the online services.

Maybe try restarting the phone if you haven't already?