Missing Solar Production from AGL app.

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Hi all,


I am seeing a lot of posts regarding missing Solar Production from their solar systems meaning that AGL customers are missing out on $$ that should rightfully go to paying off their respective electricity bills.  This is not happening for many AGL customers and it would seem that this loss of production is not being reinstated to AGL customers - well at least I haven’t read anyone on the AGL Neighbourhood stating they have.  If I do see this I will update.

It seems that most loss of solar production being recorded into AGL customers apps is for a period of 3 days which is what occurred to me and many other AGL customers who have voiced their concerns on this site.   Now I know that not all customers would use this platform to voice their concerns so I believe the problem is much much bigger than what we are reading on the AGL Neighbourhood platform.


I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has been contacted by AGL and informed as to the nature of the problem and what they (AGL)  are doing to correct the problem.   I would also like to hear from anyone who has had their missing data reinstated.



Thanks for listening.


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This may seem very late but, I've only just joined up to the AGL  neighbourhood.

I just noticed that we had issues over the recent flood period and rang AGL to report  numerous issues, only to be told to ring another number. 

Anyway, this has been sorted out and I can now see our feed in over this period. Although, looking back through to 17th December 2020 - January 14th 2021 there is ZERO feed in for the entire month. Any reason for this known?



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In relation to this missing data, I have noticed today all of last week is missing from my app. 
do we know if this is actually being reported but just not showing in the app or are we missing out on the feed in tariff?

The dates which are missing are Tuesday 22nd September 2021 to Thursday 28th September 2021

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Hi there,


Just make your case to AGL support and they will reinstate your feed in.   All of mine was eventually received.   It may take a week or two from once you contact them though.  I don’t know why this keeps recurring to different people though.