Incorrect usage data

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Why is the AGL App displaying incorrect usage data?  It was initially correct and has now added history that is a complete nonsense

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I am also getting utter rubbish on my agl app. All electricity bills on the app have doubled the amount I actually paid, usage from around 200 plus I used to a ridiculous 800 - 900 usage. I rang agl and they had no idea of any problem. I certainally don’t use over $20 of electricity per day, as shown on some days on my app. And some days there is no data recorded at all .  It was working perfectly last week I was in it. I guess I am not the only one affected . 

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I am also getting erratic readings on my electricity bought from grid and solar electricity sold to grid. Instead of the normal daily usage of about 15 kWh, I'm using up to 80 kWh a day. There are even records of solar feed in the months before my solar panels were installed !!!The Agl app has been working well until the last few days.

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This information is suppose to be coming from your meter so just what are we being charged if the data is corrupted.not to mention days of lag before actual usage is shown

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Yes, I agree. When a significant proportion of the information presented to you is clearly nonsense it throws doubt on the remainder. Unfortunately the AGL App has good potential but is currently useless - any company with a professional IT organisation would know that any information shared must be accurate or credibility is out the window! The AGL Exec team needs to kick the A** of whoever is responsible for this debacle!