App electricity or gas usage history - more than one year?

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Dear App team,

It would be great if you were able to view electricity or gas usage for more than 12 months. I’m interested in comparing the equivalent period this year to last year however with only 12 months of data you cannot do this. For example if I look at data from August and want to see August last year it has already disappeared from the history and I can only see September. Is it possible to extend it to 18 months or two years (and one month)? Kind regards Nick

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Thanks for the feedback @NickBurgess , I'll share this with the app team. We do have a related idea here regarding expanding the capability within the app to compare with previous time periods, so you might be interested in contributing there as well.


Are you aware that you're able to compare to earlier periods (beyond 12 months) on your My Account page, under the Usage tab? Does that functionality provide what you're looking for, aside from not being in the mobile app? If we were to implement it within the app, is there anything you'd like to see work differently?


Thanks David, 

Yes I did look at the web usage section and you are able to compare time periods, but I find that I access the web interface very infrequently (in fact the only time I have really used it is to check this function!).  I use the app very often to submit meter reads and check usage/costs and find it is a really accessible and quick way to access the info.  Even if the app showed 13 months of data you could see what your equivalent usage was at the same time last year (although 18-24 months would be even better).  Our energy usage is highly seasonal and so essentially I wanted to compare how we went last winter with this winter.

Hopefully it is something that can be easily changed in the app?


Kind regards



When I receive a bill, it tells me how much more I'm spending than the same period last year. When I check past usage the corresponding period last year is not listed. I would really like to see the previous period (just billed) and the corresponding period from the previous year. So if you could show FIVE previous periods instead of four, that would be grand.

Thank you for this app.

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Hi @JM88 , thanks for your suggestion! I've merged it in with a previous Idea covering the same topic. As I mentioned above, you can actually check earlier periods using the My Account webpage, but I absolutely understand this would be helpful to have in the app as well.

Sounds like the app is performing well for you otherwise. Is there anything else you'd like to see when monitoring your usage data?