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Keep up-to-date with the latest news and features relating to your AGL online account and digital services.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and features relating to your AGL online account and digital services.

Why we’re phasing out the old version of the AGL app

AGL Moderator

In late 2018, we released a new version of the AGL app. Aside from a fresh look, the new app makes it easier to view and keep track of your electricity usage and costs.

We’ve also added security and system updates to ensure your data is kept safe and secure, and that the app runs as efficiently as possible.

We want to make sure you have the best possible experience using the AGL app, so we’ll shortly be deactivating the old version to focus all of our attention on continuously improving the current version.


When is this happening?


The old AGL app will be removed from all app stores on February 16, 2019 from 12:00 am.


Who does this affect?


Any customers still using the old version of the app will be encouraged to install the new version of the app prior to February 16.

If you are using the old version of the app as well as an older version of your operating system (e.g. iOS 9 and below for iPhone or v4 and below for Android), you may have to update your operating system before downloading the new app.


What if I can’t update my app and/or my phone’s operating system?


You can still pay your bills, adjust your account preferences and more using My Account. My Account is designed to work easily on desktop as well as on your mobile devices.


How do I download and access the AGL Energy app?


You can download the app from the App Store or the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you will need to sign in to the app using your AGL account details.


Have any questions?

The AGL Community is an open space for customers like you to ask questions and share ideas about energy, the AGL experience, and more. You can head to our App Feedback and Ideas board to submit your questions or app ideas now!


Contact us
You can get in touch via chat or click 'Message Us' in My Account using AGL Messaging to speak with us directly. Our representatives are happy to assist you with any issues during this transition.





I have the latest app which is the one l downloaded since change  and it annoying that l still can’t see my hourly  usage  and that it shows less info than the prev app which l don’t see why your would change it if customers re happy  when will it be update so it show what we previously were able to see 


AGL Moderator

Hi Dan08, 


Welcome to the Community! When did you download your app? We did make somes change in Decemember that should help you to see your usage. Check out the changes here. We are constantly working to improve the app, please share any ideas you have on our App Feedback board





The new app requires logging in for the solar command functions every time one taps on the APP . This wasn’t the cast on the old App. When will this be fixed??? It’s very annoying!! This has been fed back to Agl and solar command when the new app was launched... please make this a priority!!

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Hi Rylo, 


Thanks for the feedback. We understand how important this feature is for customers to access their solar data, this work is currently in flight and should be available towards the end of April. Keep an eye out here on Community for when updates are released.








I can install new version of AGL app on my mobile phone, iphone8.   But I can not fiind agl app thru iPad, Ipad1.  Can you advice how to resolve this issue?



AGL Moderator

Hi Leehek,


You won't be able to access our app using a 1st generation iPad I'm sorry to say! Your iPad is not compatible with iOS 7 which is the minimum operating requirement.


Kind regards,



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I agree, the old app was So much more useful especially for solar command

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personally I prefer the old app, for various reasons.

this new app seems you need look into usage and cost more.

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