can it be 100% renewable energy

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There is one question that keeps leading me back to being “cllimate doubter” which I would love you to honestly answer for me with appropriate proof which is –

Is the term “100% renewables” or “free energy” honest and authentic? Or is it just propaganda?

How can we claim zero Co2 emissions by solar and wind turbines without accounting for the amount of Co2 produced for construction, installation, distribution cabling, ongoing service, replacement due to their limited lifespans (12 to 15 years) recycling and disposal?  These all require steel and other mined components.  (630 kg of coke is required to produce 1 tonne of steel).

The modern world simply can’t function without mining.   Mineral products (steel, tin, aluminium iron, copper) are essential components for cell phones, computers, cars, energy towers, solar panels, wind turbines, fertilizers, homes, machinery and all kinds of construction.


Wind & sun are not always available, so we do have to have other resources as backup such as electricity power stations, biomass, gas, nuclear or hydrogen.  Whether any renewable source is truly a zero or low-emissions fuel depends on how it is produced.  Instead of rallying our Govt. for those ambiguous words “Climate Change” or “global warming” we need them to commit to increased specific investment.


BUT at this present time that investment should be in fire fighting and future forest management – without the climate change debate clouding the issue.